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Obama Takes Control of His Twitter and Facebook

Written on June 18, 2011 by Rudfer Tyron

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The US President will write tweets himself and will include his signature, ‘BO’.

Social media were a big hit during the 2008 campaign and candidate’s staff used these tools to let the people know who to vote. But when the election was over, politicians used social media themselves in order to communicate their ideas to the people.

In the recent , U.S. President mentioned that he’ll personally manage his Twitter and Facebook accounts. He’ll write updates himself which will come with the signature, -BO.

Obama joined Twitter in 2007 but revealed in 2009 that it was his aides who wrote the tweets on his feeds. The 2012 re-election campaign of Obama said that they’ll use social media platforms more as interactive tools rather than outlets for announcements.

Upon checking his social media record, Obama has 8.7 million Twitter followers and 21.7 million Facebook fans.

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