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Overcoming Startup Fears

Written on June 11, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Afraid to start your own business? Don't be. All We Like is giving away some tips on how you can overcome those irrational business startup fears.

According to’s survey in 2009, almost two-thirds of adult Americans thought of starting their own . However, only a third of them have actually taken the plunge. Why? Because irrational fears hold them back.

If you are one of those people who’s afraid to take the entrepreneurial leap, then here are a few of the false assumptions that are driven by fear. Together with these are for surpassing all those things that are holding you back.

“It’s not the right time to start a business.”
While there are people who believes that the universe constitutes two time periods: The right time to do a business, and the time an aspiring entrepreneur is living in, a true business person declares ‘now’ as the proper moment to find ways and make his venture work.

“A business failure will kill me.”
If you want to be a real entrepreneur, then understand what the worst-case scenario would be and start making a ‘survival strategy’.

“I’m afraid of the unknown.”
While other people are afraid of the ambiguity associated with , don’t like it either. However, they accept it as something temporary and expects their venture to produce a more predictable outcome.

“Being self-employed is unpredictable. I want a comfortable and normal life.”
Almost everyone likes stability and security. But being an entrepreneur is like getting into the field and playing it all out. Would you rather be like that? Or would you be one of those who sits comfortably in the stands and watches the big game, wondering what it feels like to play?

“I will succeed if I find the right business.”
This kind of mindset can lead to endless nitpicking of what is wrong in every business opportunity that comes. Rather than thinking that way, why not say this to yourself? “If a business doesn’t make me successful, I will make it the other way around.” This can empower you as a business person to acknowledge potential pitfalls, and figure out ways to make it work.

When starting a business, ask yourself what action should you take to bring you closer to your goals. Regardless of how big or small the action is, take it. Spend the day by writing your business plan, and follow what St. Francis of Assisi has to say:

“Start by doing what’s necessary. Then do what’s possible. And suddenly you are doing the impossible.”


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