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Republican Presidential Debate Winner on Facebook

Written on June 14, 2011 by Lulu

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As the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate ends, several Americans show their support on each nominee by liking their Facebook Fan Page.

US citizens are all tuned in to listen to the debates of the seven declared hopefuls in the New Hampshire on Monday.

After the debate ends, and both got high marks from the pundits, yet pundits are a small part of America’s millions of voters..Several of this gave their approval for each nominee by liking their Fan Pages.

The stand-out frontrunner was Mitt Romney, whose numbers of fans increase after the said debate. following him at the second place is Michelle Bachmann, proving that her performance is greater and much more popular than , who has a fewer new likes base on , a website program that analyze Facebook Likes.

At the bottom of the rank is and who both have a small percentage of increase in like on their Facebook pages.

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