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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City — Time to Shine for the Bad Guys

Written on June 10, 2011 by Lulu

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The latest installment Resident Evil - Operation Raccoon City - will feature Umbrella's armed men as the main protagonist of the story. And players will get to play the bad guy this time.

In the latest sequel of ’s successful franchise, , the gamers will take the role of an elite team — Corp. Tasked with cleaning up the mess in Raccoon City during Resident Evil 2, you’ll be playing with the corporate guns for hire. Yet, they are not the guys that will save the day. Their mission is to save ’s ass by annihilating all the survivors and wiping out all the evidences of their involvement in the Raccoon City Accident. Masachika Kawata said at via an interpreter:

“We’re not trying to make you like Umbrella. Umbrella is definitely evil; they are definitely the bad guys. But that’s fun, right? We wanted to get away from the traditional hero main character for once and see what we could do with a more sinister main character. And obviously there’s a lot of interesting and cool stuff that opened up when we made that decision. There’s a lot of dirt getting done that we wouldn’t be able to do if it was Chris Redfield out there doing it.”

The decision to to make this kind of story brings up obvious questions. How will this affect the Resident Evil timeline? Is trying to create a different series of events into the series’ canon? Will an important character die? The answer to the last question is unexpected — Yes.

“Basically, we wanted to do something we couldn’t do on an actual numbered Resident Evil game and this is one of the things we decided. Kill Leon was one of those things; a kind of theme for the game. So it’s basically a new experience, one of those things you couldn’t do in a normal Resident Evil game.”

While Kawata wouldn’t specifically say whether Leon dies or not in the game, he explained that the idea was a central theme in producing the game. A few of the past events taking place during 1998 in Raccoon City won’t be the same in Operation Raccoon City. However, Masachika Kawata ensured that there won’t be much disorientation between what was happened and what will happen in the game.

As for the zombies, they were central to the experience in the previous games. Yet, all signs pointed to them being more a scenery than the main threat. But according to Masachika Kawata, zombies can actually kill players and that in the final game, it will be important to use them against your enemy. it was more like making your enemy to bleed to attract nearby zombies for instance. Gorey isn’t it?

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