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Scientists to put Laser Beams on Living Cells

Written on June 14, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Researchers in Boston have genetically invented the world's first "living laser beam" - A living cell that is capable to withdraw laser light.

Usually, we only see mutants and super dogs in movies, but how will you react if these creatures were really true? There are series of studies conducted showing that there are a group of scientists who invented a rare entity, which they prefer to call as the “-emitting biological cells”.

According to a research paper being published by Nature, the group of scientists took a Green Fluorescent Protein – a substance that is commonly found inside a jellyfish, and then equipped them on the kidney cells of a human. The can accept the said protein since it has the same and exact color band and it can be rippled easily.

The scientists demonstrated their invention through the use of vitro protein lasers and some recombinant GFP solutions. They had also introduced a laser, which is based on single live cells showing GFP. On the conducted demonstration, there are multiple optical pumping with nanojoule/nanosecond pulses which presented the human cells in a high-Q microcavity. It produces bright, directional and narrowband laser emission, with characteristic longitudinal and transverse modes. These lasing cells are believed to stay longer even after a continued lasing action.

The BBC stated that the ability of these so-called lasers are only limited to one cell output. Which means that the cells are not yet capable of linking together as a strong system. The said lasers are also self-healing – it can restore itself after a prolonged time of light output.

Perhaps these scientists have added a new technology in our industry. They said that these can be used by hospitals and laboratories for medical imaging tests, such as X-rays and MRIs, wherein the cells can be injected into the patient’s tissue to give light in some of his/her body parts.

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