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Share Your Content with StumbleUpon’s Widget Creator

Written on June 29, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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StumbleUpon launched the Widget Creator -- a tool which allows blog writers to share the content they'd Stumble into their websites.

Blog owners and content writers can now share all of their creations to a wider audience, and even connect them to readers and friends across the Web, as released their newest yesterday.

With Widget Creator, you can insert a box in your blog or website that includes all your favorite pages, timely articles or topics, and even contents that you Stumble. This creator will make a code which you can add into the box. There are three sizes to choose from: Square-ish (300×250), wide rectangle (600×250) and tall rectangle (160×600).

According to StumbleUpon, the Widget Creator is indeed very useful in generating more visitors to the site. It also serves as a great tool for users who have multiple domains, since they can use the creator to combine all of their contents across the sites. As an updated version of the common , the Widget Creator is expected to build good relationships between the readers and the writers.

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