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Social Media Makes a Spark to Start a Campaign Movement

Written on June 17, 2011 by Lulu

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A campaign movement, started and fueled by social media, tells Saudi women to make a stand against a law that prevents them from driving their own car.

One month after – a key figure in a social media campaign against a ban for females to drive their own car – was arrested because of posting a Youtube video of herself driving around the city of Khobar, Saudi Arabian women are planning to start driving their cars on Friday to continue her campaign.

The mass driving campaign started when an online movement began two months ago. Saudi’s women’s right activists called for the women to start driving their own car on June 17. Even without any written law against the matter, prevents women from driving. The said movement was pushed through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

After nine days in prison, Manal al-Sherif was eventually released, pledging that she will not drive again nor participate to the Women2Drive initiative. Still, online support for the Women2Drive from all over the world continues. A viral campaign video called is spreading too fast in the Internet. The campaign features videos of women, and even men, from different races honking their horns to support that will take part in the campaign event on June 17.

There is also a petition on the online activist platform asking for famous women to make a similar video as a support. This includes , and .

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