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Special Formspring Features for the Famous

Written on June 11, 2011 by R. Depp

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The addictive Q&A app, Formspring, announced that it’s enabling celebrities which includes musicians, comedians, artists and actors, special features to communicate with their fans.

will have verified accounts and a string of other features to help them better communicate with their fans.

Basically, enables users to ask and answer questions. One unique feature is the ability to anonymously ask questions. The app currently now has 25 million users; a huge milestone taking into account that it just launched a year and a half ago.

Now the app will start catering to stars. Currently, a group of 50 celebs are getting the special Formspring treatment, which includes Adam Duritz of Counting Crows, comedian Margaret Cho.

In addition to this, stars can also ask all their follows a single question at once.

“Bringing a group of our into the global community Formspring has built gives fans a new way to get to know each of them and interact with them about their tours, new albums and personalities in a release,” S-Curve Records CEO Steve Greenberg says.”

“We’re excited to see what the interactions do to engage fans in a totally fresh way.”

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