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Steve Jobs Becomes a Comic Book Character

Written on June 15, 2011 by Rudfer Tyron

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After Mark Zuckerberg, it’s now Steve Jobs turn to become a comic book hero.

, the same company who created the Mark Zuckerberg comic released last April, will put out a 32-page this coming August. The company promises to offer “a unique insight into the ’s legendary drive to the top and his continuing fight to stay there.”

Bluewater president Darren Davis has high praises for the Apple CEO:
“His innovations command front page news, speculation of his health affects the stock market. Not bad for a college dropout. His story, and that of Apple, is epic. I’m surprised it took us this long to publish a proper, balanced biography of him.”

The release of a comic came after the success of the Mark Zuckerberg comics. It was sold out weeks after its launch and hardcore re-release of the comic will be out before the year ends.

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