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The GOP Debate to be featured on Twitter

Written on June 14, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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The world of Internet is currently preparing for the Republican Presidential debate, and Twitter is expected to play a very important role in covering the said event.

One of the best sources of instant and fresh news is the Web. Now, people can have a glimpse of the Republican Presidential Debate in the safety of their own homes, since , and to be more specific, is entitled to feature the highlights of the said event.

In some interviews, Sam Feist, ‘s DC Bureau Chief, discussed how they will use social media in order to share the most important statements and happenings that occurred in the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate. The team is also suggesting all viewers and interested parties to use the hashtag #CNNDebate. As described, this tag will flash interesting comments and questions to grab the attention of all staffers. The will have a video monitor with a stream of two of the most popular social sites – Facebook and Twitter, and a series of comments.

Viewers should take note that few of the featured comments might even be used while the debate is ongoing.

Last GOP debate in 2008, the CurrentTV had also used the power of Twitter to cover the said event. In some cases, this action would be a good way for people to witness how social media in politics grow over the past few years.

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