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The Spectacular 2051 Airliner

Written on June 17, 2011 by R. Depp

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Airbus chief engineer, Charles Champion, finally showed off his concept for an airliner that will soar to the skies in 2051.

chief engineer, , has a utopian vision of the future of airlines. By 2051 airlines will separate passengers according to whether they’d like to relax or be entertained. The rear section of the plane would be “smart tech,” with form-fitting auto-morphing seats and transparent view-screens which are powered by body heat. The “revitalizing zone” is the front cabin where the fuselage of the seems to disappear, giving passengers a spectacular view as they relax during a massage, acupuncture and sublime comfort.

This spectacular plane hopefully will be cruising around 40 years. However, there is a fear that realities might prevent such spacious seating, futuristic amenities and that passenger-centric mindset.

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