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The Ten Reasons Why Streaming is Better than DVD

Written on June 12, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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As technology - and Internet in particular - rapidly shifts the way people entertain themselves, streaming is one big reason why DVD will soon cease.

For the last 30 years, technology has advanced more rapidly than at any other point in the history. While people’s ability to connect increases, the world’s size decreases. It’s either you acknowledge or blame it on the .

The Internet converts all of our and into digital files, and stores it somewhere. It is then streamed or transferred to wherever people are and when they want it. The Internet has changed the way people communicate and access content, and it has revolutionized how people define . And that makes the new media format.

In case you’re still not convinced, All We Like is giving you ten reasons why streaming is the new .

1. Cheaper Computer Components
The once hefty price of computers, hard drives and hardware has decreased. Even in times of recession, more families have more computers. That said, streaming content touches an exponentially larger audience. And as prices plunge further, the market will only continue to grow.

2. More Computer Literacy
These days, almost everyone – even the kids – can move their fingers across a keyboard faster than Jerry Lee Lewis tickling the piano keys. The World Wide Web is now the new library, while email has defeated Mr. Postman. Times have changed. Streaming content off the Internet has become an even easier task than inserting a DVD into a player.

3. Faster Connections
Gone are the days of dial-up, as DSL, Cable and WiFi have led to faster connections. That means swift, solid and uninterrupted streaming.

4. Technology’s Lightening Speed Changes
Streaming eliminates the time, effort and cost of having to replace your expansive film collection. Streaming can be .mov, .avi, .mp3, flash, html5, or 3D. Just anything you want it to be!

5. More Multimedia Devices
People are constantly connected to their own devices like desktops, laptops, connected TVs, Internet-enabled TV’s, mobile phones, tablets, mp3 players, and gaming devices. The number of gadgets geared specifically for constant streaming release of contents are endless, making digital content the currency of Entertainment.

6. Rise of
The video store has been replaced by Netflix, following its massive bite out of the market when they first arrived on the scene about ten years ago. Why go to the movie store, just to wait in the queue and discover that the movie you want to see is out of stock? Now, all you have to do is scroll through the seemingly endless catalog of titles, press of a button, and have exactly what you want streamed directly to your chosen device.

7. Rise of Social Media
Everyone is connected to everyone and everything. In short, society has gone viral! There are hundreds of social networks existing today, and they’ve even managed to create their own language — with streaming redefining the way we communicate.

8. Rise of the Every Man
Thanks to streaming, every individual can finally find his 15 minutes of fame without having to work for it. Every man has more ways now to sell goods, deliver content or just show off than ever before. Instant gratification has become an unalienable right.

9. Economics
Streaming content is cheaper for the manufacturer, as it eliminates packaging, shipping and handling. That way. it’s also inexpensive for the consumer.

10. Eco-friendly
As mentioned in number nine, streaming eliminates packaging materials and the need for transportation. So streaming is not only efficient, it’s also eco-friendly.

Do you have other reasons why streaming is better than buying a DVD? Let it be known at the comments.


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