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The Venerable Franchise, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Preview

Written on June 08, 2011 by Lulu

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A preview of an another sequel to the respective franchise of the succesful The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword game.

Even though made much a do about of the Legend of on the time of their press conference, they displayed precious little of the next new entry in the respected franchise: Skyward Sword. Luckily, things were different inside Nintendo’s booth on the E3 show floor, where three different demos offered three different experiences.Both the dungeon and the boss battle will sound familiar to any gamers who has donned the green tunic before, but bird riding? That’s the newest part in the game’s story and gameplay. there is also a few new details about ’s sword abilities from the Nintendo executive roundtable, additionally the painting of the picture for this attractive new adventure .

The whole demos take place on a small island chain floating on the sky.The community on the top of these land masses had a small town look. In the first demo, three large birds streaked across the sky, leaving a trails of red, blue and green. As they come together in a formation, they awaken the three Golden Goddesses(Din, Farore, and Nayru) that was featured in other games, who created the triforce and the land of Hyrule. These Goddesses have previously given link a magical power, so perhaps these birds predicted the appearance of similar abilities in Skyward Sword.

The birds crossed over a lighthouse, and the camera looked down to show link standing in a line with three other townsfolk. Seemingly not yet summoned to protect the land of Hyrule and took up the Hylian shield. He wears a casual attire with dark green pants embroidered brown vest, and a cream-colored long-sleeved shirt. three town elders stood before him,declaring the start of the birdrider’s ceremony.The first one to catch up with the golden bird and grab the statue from its talons would be crowned that year’s champion.When the chase start, we were cued to dash forward to the ledge and leap to oblivion. then pressing down the D-button will summon your bird.

The bird was quite large and very comfortable to have Link on his back.The field of pursuit was mostly wide open, though a few boulders floated here and there, and our opponents flew off ahead. The bird flies to the direction you point the Wii remote and shaking it makes the bird flap and gain speed.

At first it was a bit confusing and we had some trouble getting in the race.Flying a bird in Skyward Sword is one of those Wii experiences that improves the more you get into it. It was difficult to stir with confidence with just your wrists articulations, yet when we held our arm out in front and began exaggerated movements, the results improved greatly.In the end, Link prevailed and on his way back to the ceremony he got a visit from Zelda. he two shared a nice moment and Zelda looked at Link in an affectionate way before the two headed back to town. Her blond hair and braids looked familiar, but her straight bangs created a distinct look for the new game.

While the dungeon demo took place in the Sky Temple. Link was dressed in his usual battle suit and entered a large domed. Paths inside was full of bats and goblins tha is easily been defeated.he Wii MotionPlus corresponds directly to your sword’s movements, and enemies are designed to make simple slashing fairly ineffective. While the design of the dungeon is familiar, the arts around the games gives it a dynamic feeling.

The final demo pitted Link against a skillful boss called Ghirahim.He was a slender, pale-skinned fellow clad in white, diamond-patterned spandex.

From flying while riding an impressive creature to controlling your environment with the abilities of your sword, there’s still plenty of new stuffs that can be seen and discovered on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Skyward Sword is set to be release in the holiday season towards the end of 2011.

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