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Three Handy Applications for Hotel Goers

Written on June 20, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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InfoStripe, FYi Fly, and Bedmap -- three of the most useful applications that should come in handy when you're planning to stay in a hotel.

If you are planning to have a stopover, you should make sure to bring with you some unique and interesting to make the most out of your stay. Below are three of the handy and most useful applications which hotel goers must have.

: A simple way to create a mobile-friendly microsite. This app shows off your tweets, notifications, blog posts, videos, and more. Infostripe focuses on simplicity and mobile, a feature which differs from or Flavors. This application can also be used as a business card, since you can include your contact information in it. According to its creator, Harold Fudge, “The founding motivation for Infostripe was to create a unique mobile-ready and shareable website that anyone could set up regardless of their skill level.”

: A map-based search tool that is indeed very useful for people who are searching for nearby hotels, and for making road trips more time-saving. Bedmap provides hotel goers a simple and fast map-based interface, with appropriate filters for selected amenities, for viewing hotels and its rates.

: An application which can be used to build Facebook-infused social calendars for your website. Designed for event organizers and event goers, this tool customizes the size and look of the widget, and then gets the code to list your upcoming events on your site. FYi Fly works very simple – people who mark that they are interested to attend your events through the widget will also post their attendance on their Facebook profiles. You can also use this app to suggest event goers to add their photos and comments about your events.


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