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Tips on How to Use Social Media for Recruiting

Written on June 19, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Social Media is not only the best place for socialization. In some cases, these sites are also helpful for grasping your dream job.

It is quite obvious that is becoming a very in-demand industry these days, and most companies – whether big or small -have been using this medium for their personal reasons. For most individuals, social sites like and plays a very significant role when it comes to sharing information, winning new friends, learning new stuffs, and even getting a new job.

If you want to put your business on the top of the lists, then you’d better be a part of this internet madness sooner or later. Social media can do a lot of things – one of these is that it can be a good way to recruit new employees for your business or company. Below are some few tips on how to make this happen.

First of all, as a recruiter, you should let people know about your business. You can do this by simply posting a job opening link in your Facebook or Twitter account. However, if you want to reach your target audience in no time, then you should make sure that you have established a good personality, just so your interested applicants will find you approachable. As stated by Bruce Morton, CMO of Allegis Group Services (a company that provides human resources consulting), “Social recruiting is about getting engaged and having conversations with people before they’re even thinking about you as an employer”. Morton also added that employers could as well “learn a lot from the consumer industry” when it comes to .

The second thing to do is to know your audience. For sure your applicants have their own Facebook accounts, thus if you have some spare time, try spending time on browsing through their profiles. It’s not really necessary to look at those personal stuffs, but it’s quite important to know their working history, etc. Figure out if the information being provided is written by a professional or an amateur applicant. In this way, you will know who will best fit the position.

It is also vital for you to become creative when using social media for recruiting. Take note that only those good messages and alluring texts will be noticed by people. Your posts must stand out. Lastly, you must be open for responses. Searching for individuals through social media sites is not a one-way process. In most cases, you also need to share information about yourself and your company, just so your interested applicants can know more about your offers.

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