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Tokyo’s National Museum Uncovers a 20-foot Spherical OLED Globe

Written on June 16, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Tokyo's National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation celebrated its 10th anniversary by unveiling a giant OLED Globe that is made up of 10,000 Diamond Vision OLEDs - the Geo-Cosmos.

If you dream to see the Earth closely, then you should spend time visiting the in . Recently, they unveiled a huge replica of our planet – a 20-foot spherical orb made up of almost 10,000 Live-Updating Panels – that is considered to be the first large rounded . This giant Earth, also known as the “”, shows people a satellite’s eye view of our planet in a very high resolution.

Specifically, the “Geo-Cosmos” is consists of 10,362 OLED panels which displays an updated satellite footage of the Earth. Through looking at it, it’s like watching the planet from the space in something closer to reality. It has an advanced LED panels, which allows people to experience and see a full 10 million pixellated orb with a resolution that is 10 times higher than previous inventions.

The Geo-Cosmos is interactive too. The museum equipped the surrounding of the orb with touchscreens, so visitors can witness all the earth science data that is happening from all over the world. It even shows a simulation of the earthquake that attacked Japan last March 2011, and all the energies that causes tsunamis around the Pacific.

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