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Tumblrs Reveals its New Dashboard User Interface

Written on June 09, 2011 by Lulu

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Tumblr announces the changes and redesigns on its user interface. However, they've encountered several complains from their users.

showed a new update to its user on Wednesday, and subscribers are reacting with a combination of acceptance and dramatic resentment.

There’s just minor changes to the dashboard. As a matter of fact, infrequent users might not even notice it at first glance. The big changes affect how users shift between blogs and what information is shown in the sidebar. The default view is more nominal, only after choosing a particular blog do users see things like post numbers and user messages.

Tumblr’s head designer, , tweeted that he was absolutely excited to launch the new Tumblr dashboard, yet not all users agree. A search for the posts tagged “tumblr dashboard” tells that users are showing their disagreement through their Tumblr accounts. A few resourceful users have already created a Greasemonkey script for chrome and firefox to bring back the old sidebar contents to the default sidebar.

Tumblr has made design changes before, something that many of the current group of complainers appear to be forgetting. But that doesn’t mean that Tumblr would not make further changes in the future.

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