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Tylor Jones Blends Old Photos with the Present at Dear Photograph

Written on June 10, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Blend your old pictures with the new and be nostalgic, as Dear Photograph helps you reminisce the past.

Corporeal photographs may be obsolete by the next decade or so. However, Dear Photograph was able to greenlit its nostalgic wonder by combining the old pictures with today’s life. is like a hybrid of Sleeveface and Young Me, Now Me. People will hold up old pictures in the location where its was taken, match up the edges and take new pictures.

Created by of Ontario, Canada, Dear Photograph was launched two weeks ago.

“I was sitting at the my kitchen table with my Mom, Dad and brothers, looking at an old family album. I pulled a picture out of the album, held it up, and realized it was in the exact same range and place from where I was sitting. Eureka! Took a picture!”

Taylor Jones has posted more photos and began crowd sourcing snaps from other people. Go look at some of the old photos that you can blend with the new, and submit your own shots at Dear Photograph.

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