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“Vibe Magazine printed lies in cover story” –Amber Rose

Written on June 01, 2011 by R. Depp

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Landing the cover of Vibe Magazine's Sexy Issue set off in high spirits for model Amber Rose, until she read what the magazine printed about her.

expressed her disappointment via late Saturday evening, saying that Magazine’s cover story was “untrue and ridiculous.” She tweeted, “Just read ‘my’ in @VibeMagazine half of the story was untrue & ridiculous.”

“F##k that Cover F##K @VibeMagazine yall wrote a bunch of negative bulls— that I never said or did. Yall don’t give a f**k that I have a Mom & Family that’s gonna read that fake a** s**t I gave yall a truthful interview & Yall f****d me. I’m so sick of keeping my mouth shut I didn’t ask for this life it was handed to me I was nothing but nice to everyone I spoke to @ Vibe,” she continues.

Details about Amber Rose’s life post-Kanye West, her relationship with Reggie Bush, why her story is relatable and being iconic were revealed in the Vibe story. She is currently dating rapper . She has taken her infamy and attempted to build a brand for herself in the past two years. In 2009, she signed with Ford Models and has appeared in a host of hip-hop videos. Amber Rose was even pitching a reality show about her plans of launching her own line of eyewear at one point.

Her recent Twitter rant has brought back speculation that it may be an attempt to help boost the magazine’s sales. At press time, Vibe has not issued a statement regarding Rose’s allegations yet.

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