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Who will be PopCap Games’ Buyer?

Written on June 23, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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PopCap Games, the producers of Zuma and Plants vs'. Zombies, is now in the process of being acquired for a price of over $1 Billion+.

Plants vs. Zombies’ producer, , is now slated to be acquired for a price of $1 Billion+ by an undisclosed buyer.

The first possible buyer is , which is known for making game-related acquisitions last year. However, some sources said they’ve backed out since PopCap Games is demanding a price that is too high. PopCap is earning $100-150 million, offering themselves to be bought for over $1 billion.┬áBy hearing out, enters the scene. But PopCap acquisition was still too large for a type of company that has a market capital of $7.49 billion. Actually, this was not ’s first big bet, since they had bought Playfish last 2009 for $400 million.

Sources also stated that there are two more candidates on the line. The first one is an Asian company that is looking forward to taking a good standing in the gaming market. And Tencent, a Chinese company that has a very huge market capital and some labeled games as well.

Earning over $22.5 million in 2009, PopCap Games seems to be one of the richest videogame productions in the industry. As of now, there are still no new updates regarding who will be PopCap Games’ buyer.

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