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Acer Germany: Iconia Tab A100 Coming this September

Written on July 14, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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After a long delay, Acer Germany is finally ready to roll out the 7" Iconia Tab A100 sometime this September.

will be shipping out the sometime in September — this update was discovered by an inquisitive person on Facebook. If you could remember, the 7-inch Android 3 Honeycomb tablet was supposed to be released last May 14 alongside the 3D A101. However, due to certain incompatibility issues with the Honeycomb, the company holds the launch.

The initial plan of Acer was to infix a 3.0 Honeycomb into the mini tablet, but unfortunately, they had discovered that such interface was not compatible for tablets with small screens — a fact which Google also reported. As an alternative, the company uses for it complies to A100’s small designs while not affecting its applications and other features.

The A100 tablet is said to mimic most details found in its predecessor, the . They both have the same Tegra 2 processor and dual cameras. Though smaller in appearance, the A100 features a 512MB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage (can be expanded up to 16GB).

The Iconia Tab A100 will soon be available in for a retail price of $349.

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