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Amazon’s New Tablet Computer, to Hit the Market by October

Written on July 15, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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New tablet computer from Amazon, scheduled for a release in October.

finally intros its new computer which will be launched in October. The said device will be produced in order to compete with ’s , and also to help its own in marketing their music, movies, and other content.

Entering the tablet market would probably be a hard battle for Amazon, knowing that Apple has been the leader of tablet sales — with 19.5 million worth of devices that were sold since the iPad launching last year.

Though the company had not yet revealed some features of the upcoming tablet, few reports have leaked out that it will be a nine-inch screened tab running on Google’s Android platform. The new Amazon tablet would not feature any camera, unlike the iPad 2, but will be available in a pricing that is much affordable — making it the best choice over other tablets in the market.

Amazon admits that slots in the tablet market won’t come without any risks. They have stated that they will be planning to use a better strategy so they could avoid outrunning the , its best-selling product. The new tablet will also have to work on adding unique features so it won’t be similar to the current reading device.

As stated by Forrester Research analyst Sarah Rotman Epps, “a new Amazon tablet will face many challenges while taking on the iPad, but few companies are better-positioned”. On the other hand, Amazon’s digital content store is perhaps a good alternative to Apple’s store.

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