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American Idol Mansion, Sold for $11.2 Million

Written on July 26, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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After a series of ghostly events, the American Idol mansion in LA was sold for $11.2 million to Steven B. Dunn.

The 15K sq. foot in Los Angeles, where the contestants of the last season lived, now has a new owner. For a whooping $11.2 Million, the is now under the care of — founder of baby product company, Muchkin Inc.

The gang freaked out when a series of crazy coincidences occurred in the said mansion last March. This includes spider infestation, flickering lights, and other ghost stories.

The American Idol house – with its nine beds, nine baths, giant pool, motor court, and a parking space that can house 100 cars – was originally priced at $12 million in the market. So with or without the ghosts, Steven B. Dunn got himself quite a good deal.

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