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Avatar Kinect: Hitting Xbox LIVE This Week

Written on July 28, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Enjoy a talk show session with your Xbox LIVE buddies via Avatar Kinect.

and is arriving at via this week!

The Avatar Kinect captures facial expression and voice, letting your avatar do the same whenever you laugh, cry, smile, speak or nod. It also enables users to invite up to seven friends in 24 various settings. You can discuss everything under the sun on the Talk Show Stage, watch live sporting events at the Sports Party Page, or enjoy some comedy on the Performance Stage.

Moreover, the Kinect sensor records and edits this session, which you can upload to afterwards. That said, users can download their Avatar Kinect activity on their computer, or share it via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

This feature will available to members for free, while the rest can have it for a zero-charge trial between July 25 to September 8.

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