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Canon Introduces the Mouse that Can Solve Math

Written on July 26, 2011 by Rudfer Tyron

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Canon’s X Mark I Mouse Lite is a calculator and laser mouse combined in one.

Finally, someone figured out a way to make the unused space in a mouse…useful. placed a calculator in its new mouse called X Mark I. The gadget is built with ten-digit calculator and Bluetooth 2.0 keypad which can be used in the absence of number pads in some keyboards. The device was designed by the company’s camera design team. It is also equipped with three mouse buttons and laser tracking. also unveiled its X Mark I Keypad. It is a calculator with Bluetooth, and can be used with AAA batteries or solar panel. Both gadgets will be available by August and September. It will be shipped in color black and white and will be priced at $60.

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