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Connect Your Linux PC to Your Android Phone with UbuntuOne Files

Written on July 12, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Bridge the gap between your Android phone and your Ubuntu PC with UbuntuOne Files cloud service.

While every major platform has a solution, Linux is not an exception. With evolving as a worthy alternative for , users can now download their UbuntuOne to their PC.

To clear things out, the UbuntuOne cloud service does not require an Ubuntu PC. It can work with Windows PC or Mac, but it performs best with the Linux OS. It provides a seamless folder and file management experience for Ubuntu users. To get the UbuntuOne Files app, you can download it at the Android Market. After that, you now have an immediate access to your files stored in your UbuntuOne cloud account. The app has a built-in photo viewer, and hands off other file formats to its default viewer.

If you have a premium UbuntuOne account, you can also add the UbuntuOne music app to stream songs from your account to your phone. Are you using your UbuntuOne Files already? Then share your impressions on this new Android app at the comments.

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