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Crew of Space Shuttle Atlantis Ride their Last Voyage

Written on July 18, 2011 by Rudfer Tyron

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After 30 years, NASA’s Atlantis is home bound.

On Monday, the astronauts of the final voyage of Atlantis floated out of the International Space Station to leave a commemorative U.S. flag and a replica of the shuttle as a farewell to its 30 years of existence.

The fleet is set to retire and Atlantis will undock from the lab early Tuesday. Space station astronaut Ronald Garan Jr. mentioned during his speech that the last voyage is “a chapter in the history of our nation.”

Garan attached a small flag, the same flag which was aboard the shuttle flight in 1981, to the door of the space station before it was launched to its final journey. Atlantis will return to Earth and will land at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center in the dawn of Thursday morning.

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