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Curiosity Expedition in Mars, Narrowed to Two Sites

Written on July 01, 2011 by Lulu

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NASA scientist and researchers are narrowing down Curiosity's expedition list, choosing between the Gale Crater and the Eberswalde.

scientists are now narrowing the list of proposed landing sites in Planet , as they come to the next . Two possible landing sites emerged over the past few weeks. These are the former crater lakes that could be rich in sediments, displaying Martian geological history; And the other one is a crater, which is home to a three-mile high rocky mound that is approximately as tall as Mount Kilimanjaro.

Both sites could be beneficial for the Mars research. The mound-boasting crater, called , contains elements that require water to form. These includes clays and certain sulphates around the crater that serves like a trap for sediments. The same goes to the another, known as Crater .

However, Eberswalde is more of a gamble. If the sediments there turn out to be simple rocks, the expedition would be a complete failure from a scientific point of view. Eberswalde is also far from the Mars’ equator, so it will be much colder. This means that needs additional heat to function. But it would also make the roving machine’s life to decrease in half.

Still, NASA doesn’t have to select either or neither of these potential sites. The final decision for the exploration still lies on NASA Brass and the Curiosity mission team. The final decision will be announced sometime in July.

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