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Facebook Campaign Helps Honor Ex-Beatles Member

Written on July 28, 2011 by Lulu

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A Facebook group campaign pushed Liverpool Council to honor The Beatles' former drummer, Pete Best.

A group on called “Name a Street after Pete” started a that aimed to persuade to honor , one of the original members of the famous band — .

During 1962, Beatles’ drummer, Pete Best, was on the receiving end of one of history’s cruelest firings. Then his bandmates – who just won a recording contract – decided to replace him with Ringo Starr.

Having 10,000 supporters on the social network, the said group was able to persuade the Liverpool Council. Then the Council announced on Wednesday that they will give Pete Best two streets named after him in the new housing development. One will be for him and the second is for the , a club where beatles play their earliest gig.

Getting a street named after him in a historic city like Liverpool is a pretty big deal. However, the 69 year old Pete Best much prefers the recognition than cash. Money, as his former bandmates once observed, can’t buy you love.

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