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Facebook Launches Every Phone App

Written on July 14, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Facebook recently released the Every Phone app, which lets people access the social site through their Java-enabled mobile phones.

Recently, a new has been released which allows people to access right into their mobile phones using . The app brings along most of the popular features of Facebook, including News Feed, Inbox and Photos. The said app also lets users upload pictures and search friends using their phone’s contact list.

This Facebook’s new application can now be downloaded from the company’s official website or from some selected app stores, such as , and . The app is currently offered as a 90-day trial by wireless service providers located in Europe and Asia. Take note that users from US or Canada are not entitled to acquire the said trial.

According to the company, the Facebook for Every Phone is expected to invade a number of 2,500 mobile devices with Java networks. The said application will be using less data compared to other Java apps, thus, allowing users to purchase it with a cheaper price once the trial version has ended.

Moreover, Facebook is planning to make Facebook for Every Phone app available in mobile phones with no built in Java networks. Have you acquired your Facebook for Every Phone app yet? If yes, don’t forget to share your impressions at the comments.

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