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Facebook, Teaching Users How to Deactivate its Facial Recognition Through Ads

Written on July 27, 2011 by Lulu

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After being contacted by an attorney that talks about the user's privacy on their site, Facebook run ads on how to deactivate its Tag Suggestions feature.

ruffled feathers last month after it turns on by default its . Now, is searching for a way to remedy this problem by running ads that shows how to turn the said feature off.

The feature mentioned above is called . This works when you upload a photo, then Facebook will give you a chance to tag groups of your friends to the photo. The feature will then work as it uses facial recognition recommending faces on previously tagged photos. The feature is turned on by default, and you must change the privacy settings of your account to turn it off.

After Connecticut Attorney General, George Jepsen, contacted Facebook to say his concerns about user privacy, the social networking site instituted the ads to teach users how to deactivate the facial recognition.

The first round of ads ran on Facebook at the beginning July. Then it was followed on Tuesday. Facebook stated that every U.S. user will see the said ad at least twice.

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