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FIFA Women’s World Cup Final Sets New Tweet Per Second Record

Written on July 18, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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FIFA World Cup Finals: USA vs Japan match sets the new all-time record of having 7,196 tweets sent per second. Paraguay vs. Brazil game holds the number two spot with 7,166 tweets.

Social media sites, to be more specific, is indeed the best source of latest updates regarding news around the world. Last Sunday, July 17, the final game of Women’s World Cup was held, highlighting the match between the athletes of Japan and USA. The said event does not only set Japan as the first Asian team to win a World Cup, but it also set a new record of having the highest number of tweets that were sent per second.

As stated from a tweet sent by @Twitter, the game between the two countries established 7,196 right after the game ends, making them the new record holder; while the Paraguay vs. Brazil match, with over 7,166 , spots at number two.

Japan was undeniably the holder of such top-tweeting logs that came off in the sporting event. In fact, their earlier record sets 6,939 tweets per second. The Women’s World Cup Final also outruns the Men’s World Cup 2010 Final, wherein Japan defeated Denmark in the final game. The said event holds 3,283 tweets that were sent per second.

Aside from the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the battle for having the most number of tweets were also performed in the Super Bowl last February — in which Twitter users set a new record of 4,064 tweets sent per second, beating last year’s record.

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