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Four Key Product Managers, Steps Down from Twitter

Written on July 21, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Twitter confirmed that Jack Dorsey, Kevin Cheng, Josh Elman, and two other key product guys are no longer in the company.

The micro-blogging site, , unveiled an unexpected news yesterday, announcing that four of their key just left the company. The said action was led by co-founder and former CEO – – casts off, and , and two other unnamed key product guys. Meanwhile, the Twitter management did not give any comments regarding the issue, but they pointed out that “Some people have left the company and we appreciate their contributions.”

Though the names of the other two managers who left were not yet disclosed, it is confirmed that Mr. Cheng and Mr. Elman were already out of the company. These two guys have undeniably contributed enough time and commitment to Twitter over the past several years. Josh Elman, the former Platform Manager of Facebook, was hired by Twitter, while Kevin Cheng handed out on the “New Twitter” project.

This move, led by Jack Dorsey, was made in order to clear out all of those people who are still connected with the , , and system. For your information, those three all left the company and planned to revamp the — the startup incubator that produced Twitter.

Kevin Cheng and Josh Elman, on the other hand, refused to give their comments.

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