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Free iPhone Game Apps from July 17 to July 20

Written on July 21, 2011 by Lulu

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Looking for free iPhone game apps? All We Like listed something that might tickle your fancy.

Everyday, new are released for . While these apps can either be or comes with a price, All We Like listed some of the iPhone game apps that was released this week.

This game was released on July 20. The gameplay revolves on completing each level by controlling a ball, and moving certain objects inside the game. The game features physic based platform, nice graphics and 20 levels of gameplay.

A game about bursting bubbles as fast as you can that was released on 20th of July. This game features colorful bubbles, natural user interface, attractive sound effect, game center, connection through email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter, multitouch support and two game modes.

An iPhone global phenomenon game that just got better. This game was released on July 19, along with several new features:

Wide range of cat’s types
Devil cat
Electric cat
Mutant cat
Dragon cat
Alien cat
Mercenary cat
Electro Kittens
Vampire Cat
Angry cat animations
Angry cat sounds
Angry cat interactions
Progressive anger
Interface changes as they get angrier
Tracking of past anger levels enabling you to try for an even more angry cat
Universal binary supporting both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad
Optimized for iPhone 4’s amazing retina display

In this game, you will travel the whole world exploring tropical islands and mysterious locations with Captain Coin. Find treasures and complete your missions, as you embark to an adventure of exploring the whole world. This game was released on July 19, 2011.

Embark on a quest to save all the ducks from the nasty geese that overrun the village. Use your finger to locate every duck and put them to safety. However, you should also be careful because some geese are wearing duck costume to lure you. This game was released on 18th of July.


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