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FunBrain, an Exciting Way to Learn for Kids and Adults

Written on July 13, 2011 by Lulu

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A review of which is a cool and educational gaming site for kids and adults.

There are a lot of gaming sites on the . However, most of them implies violence and can even be gory for a child to play. Good thing, there are other sites that offer games suitable for children. One of these is

is a website the offers educational browser game for children and even adults. This site is developed in May 1992, and owned by — a division of . This site is a great place for kids, and consists of several exercises to practice and develop the child’s math, language and arts skills. This makes them think that they’re playing rather than studying their lessons.

FunBrain also have a user friendly interface. It enables users to choose what he wants to play by choosing from its categories like math arcade, reading arcade, playground and all games. After clicking a category, it will ask the user’s grade level. This feature lets the user choose the level of learning he wants to play. FunBrain also created a section that can be used by teachers to keep track of their students’ grade called My Grade Book. This also helps the teachers to calculate their students’ grade and print out reports about their class performance. This site offers a curriculum guide to assist teachers to choose what games should be use on their lesson plans.

Overall, this site will greatly help children to learn and enjoy their lessons. For teachers and parents, this will guarantee them that their child or student are getting the best education that a website can offer.


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