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Google+, in Limited Field Trial

Written on July 07, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Google+ is accepting new accounts -- sometimes.

Following All We Like’s report that Google closed its invites for Google+ due to insanely high demands, reports were saying that they’ve just re-opened the sign-up. However, the + Project website is currently unavailable for new accounts. But if you are one of the lucky people who were able to create an on the new , then you might want to clear your cache first. Otherwise, they won’t let you in.

It’s pretty obvious that Google is dribbling in, and it’s still vague on when are they going to open the doors for real. The search engine giant might be tapping on the gas pedal for a shot time each day. So if you were lucky to create an account on Google+, don’t forget to share it on the comments.

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