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Google News Rewards Cool Badges to Devoted Readers

Written on July 15, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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A new feature from Google News allows readers to earn more than 500 different badges.

is now offering a huge array of over 500 different badges for people who constantly read their . Each badge is designed for a particular topic. Plus, a star will also be added along the badge whenever you read a specific article. have five different level: First timers will receive a bronze star, and as they continue to read more news, they will be granted a silver, gold, platinum and the coveted blue ultimate star.

As stated in the Google blog, you can keep these badges privately or you can share it with other Google News readers — allowing you to show off how stringer you are, while increasing your social interaction with people who also likes the same topic. Aside from that, the badges are interactive. Just by clicking the “add section” of the news, you will be likely to receive more article sources for the topic you’ve chosen. According to Beta-happy Google, this new feature is a “bronze release. …Once we see how badges are used and shared, we look forward to taking this feature to the next level,” they added.

Using this feature is quite easy. As explained in , you just have to enable your website’s history so it would monitor all your desktop and mobile activities. The badges are indeed very useful, especially if you wanted to track down which types of topics you’d like to read. It will also help you in customizing your personal Google News site.

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