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Google Teams Up With Pottermore for Harry Potter Ebooks

Written on July 21, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

Comments Off and Google are teaming up to merge JK Rowling’s new website with most Google products and APIs.

Although the movie series had already marked its end, fans still have the reason to celebrate, as recently announced that they will be partnering with ’s to sell the HP . According to the company, this team-up would make the Harry Potter available on their literary products.

All seven Harry Potter books are expected to be released on Google eBooks by fall. What’s interesting in the search giant’s ebookstore is that, compared to other platforms, they allow their users to store products to over 80 e-readers. Aside from that, the said tomes will be available in Google Books and in all iOS and Android applications produced by the company.

Google also disclosed that, as a part of their deal, the company will serve as a third-party payment platform for all purchases made on Pottermore. Thus, your ebooks and audiobooks will be paid through the Google Checkout, instead of other platforms such as PayPal or Amazon Payments.

The Pottermore’s mission is to deliver a great online reading experience to all Harry Potter fans. The site does not only offer the seven HP eBooks, but also provide gaming elements, awards, achievements, and other virtual items.

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