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I Had Cancer: Social Network for Social Good

Written on July 29, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Cancer survivors build a social network that resonates social good. Make way to I Had Cancer!

After being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2009, created his experience into a web phenomenon that provides connections, support and hopeful levity to people affected by . His works are now bolstered by a launch of I Had Cancer, a social network which creates engaging, web-centric support system for Cancer fighters, survivors and their family and friends. According to Drew Olanoff:

“I don’t know what the phrase ‘social media’ means anymore. I don’t think anybody does. I’ve always felt that what was missing [from that phrase] is the social part. The human aspect of it is severely lacking.”

Back in 2009, Drew Olanoff – together with his friend, Mike Demers, who’s a Hodgkin’s survivor – created a website called Blame Drew’s Cancer!. It is a website that aggregates tweets with #BlameDrewsCancer hash tag. Drew Olanoff used the site as a way of facing Hodgkin’s Lymphoma head on. It resonated across the web, creating a partnership with Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG campaign.

Drew Olanoff’s idea was extended through a social network, . Launched last Wednesday, the site was created by — a survivor of Type 2B Breast Cancer. After her recovery, created a blog to chronicle and share her experience. Then a team from Squeaky Wheel Media picked up her story, approached her, and build the idea into a social network.

The I Had Cancer social network connects survivors, fighters and supporters via geography, chronology and types of Cancer. It has a question-based discussion board, and a bulletin board called “Dear Cancer.” The site unites people around a worthy cause, in order to restore the meaning of the world “social.” In addition to this, Drew Olanoff also recommends to share Alex’s Lemonade Stand — a foundation aiming to put an end to childhood Cancer.

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