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INFOGRAPHIC: Twitter Reaches 200 Million Accounts, 350 Billion Tweets

Written on July 18, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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For its fifth birthday, Twitter releases an infographic which shows how far it goes now from the day it was launched.

You have seen how grows since its launching way back in July 2006. Lately, the micro-blogging site publicized an Infographic, which shows their history and current record of tweets and devoted users.

As presented on the said Infographic, Twitter now takes pride in having 200 million people who signed up for an account. What’s more? There are over 350 billion tweets that were posted each day. Perhaps this is such a boom for the website, making them one of the highly acknowledged social networking and micro-blogging services all throughout the web.

Before, Twitter is only considered as a platform wherein people can post their tweets – current status which primarily consists of 140 characters – regarding what they’ve done for the weekend. But now, the site is probably one of the podiums that brings you up-to-date news and happenings around the world. In fact, most governments and news anchors use it to disseminate information.

This month, July, is said to be Twitter’s fifth . Thus, the site provided an Infographic that shows how Twitter evolves from a simple micro-blogging site to a functional platform.

See the Infographic below.

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