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Justin Bieber Posts First Instagram Photo, Garners Thousands of Followers in a Flash

Written on July 22, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Justin Bieber tweeted out his first Instagram picture to his 11.188+ million followers.

In just a couple of minutes, the team of – a popular iPhone app – noticed their servers exploding. Not because they are being attacked by some sort of hackers, but because just created his account on and tweeted out his first ever photo.

According to , Justin Bieber collected almost 1,700 followers in just one hour of using the said service. Instagram co-founder, , confirmed to the public that the photo was officially uploaded by pop star since it was linked from his account. He also stated that the celebrity’s single post had been the cause of the massive flow of people in the application, wherein Justin Bieber garnered 50 followers a minute.

The said post, which is a photo of the traffic in LA with the note of “La traffic sucks”, already got 234 likes — and that number is still growing fast. Kevin Systrom as well reported that they’re receiving comments every 10 seconds — a fact that is quite new in the photo-sharing service.

“Bieber’s numbers are already off the chart,” affirmed. With Justin Bieber being a celebrity who has over 11.188 million followers on Twitter, it’s not surprising if he will become one of the 15 top Instagram users in just one night.

Meanwhile, Instagram pointed out that they didn’t ask for Justin Bieber to join in the service. The singer just decided to use Instagram because he wants to check out and try on its features.

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