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Know the Best Performing AdSense Campaign with MixRank

Written on July 04, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Wondering how to optimize your site's Google AdSense campaign? Then let MixRank help you.

Setting up a or campaign can be pretty daunting, especially when knowing which ad copy performs best. Good thing, MixRank is here to help.

A start-up backed by Y Combinator is a “spy tool for contextual and display ads”. It takes away the cumbersome guesswork by providing a glimpse of the best performing AdSense or AdWords campaign run by other companies.

indexes over 93,000 sites running Google AdSense, and investigates how many publishers run the ad, when it was last seen, its display frequency, its average position in the AdSense block, and its break down. MixRank is a very valuable tool for small businesses to help them allocate those limited ad dollars, enabling them to direct their energy to ad copy and which yields the highest .

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