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London 2012 Olympics Offers New Contest: Competitive Tweeting

Written on July 27, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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London 2012 Olympic Games featured a new contest to uncover which country uses Twitter most.

The forthcoming just got more exciting, as it highlights a new contest that aims to figure out which country has the largest number of online fans. The said contest will be choosing its top 20 countries based on the most numbers of videos, photos, and tweets.

As of now, fans already submitted over 20,000 tweets — placing Great Britain on the number one spot, followed by Brazil, U.S., Canada and the Netherlands.

In order for you to take part in this interactive contest, you need to post a , including the hashtag #1YearToGo and the three-letter code for your desired country. According to the officials of the said event, the purpose of the contest is to “promote the fact that we’re a year away from the opening ceremony of on July 27, 2012.”

sites are indeed a very helpful platform for the viewers of the upcoming event, whether they’re watching from their homes or at the actual venue. The Olympic Committee were then waiting to see if this contest could outrun the tweet record of the recently held final game. In fact, they asked the 10,500 athletes from over 200 countries to “take part in social media and to post, blog and tweet their experiences.”

Moreover, – the official Olympic website – also worked on how they could drive the fans into the event. Last March, the site launched a new feature, allowing fans to create their own Olympic mascot and post it on Facebook and Twitter.

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