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Netflix Encounters Streaming Issues with Apple TV

Written on July 06, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Bad news for Apple TV users! Netflix is having a movie streaming glitch for Apple TV.

A number of customers were unable to stream movies to their devices. In relation to this, a spokesperson confirmed that a small number of Apple TV devices were having technical issues. However, pointed that the has been fixed.

Users who were experiencing difficulties over the weekend received 111, 112 or 115 whenever they attempt to use the service. However, the menu screen is still accessible. Meanwhile, other users were able to access Netflix on other non-Apple TV devices like iPhone, iPod and MacBook Pro. It also seems that the glitch is experiences with majority of Apple TV 2 owners.

Netflix’s Apple TV downtime can negatively affect of Apple’s video-on-demand market. It may also cause embarrassment to Apple TV, which is always being criticized for lack of movie offerings and technical capabilities. However, the Apple TV 2 was an overhaul of its predecessor, focusing on videos-on-demand. That said, those experiencing technical issues with Apple TV missed a bug chunk of its successor — movie streaming.

However, some users posted on MacRumor’s forum page updating to of the Apple TV 2 software can resolve the issue. Still, there were users who experience the same glitch after doing so, and update servers went on downtime recently.

Are you experiencing the same trouble with your Apple TV too? Let it be known by leaving a comment.

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