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Nine Ways to Keep Your Money

Written on July 02, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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From gift cards to payment bills, there are still many ways on how to save money -- more than coupons can give.

can always be an issue to every individual. Hence, many promos and tips are emerging on the Internet. However, coupons and may not be enough, and you may need someone to manage your finances.

That said, All We Like is giving nine ways to keep and save your money.

1. Stop Printing Coupons
If you like deals but hate printing coupons, allows you to directly link your savings to your credit or debit card. Just opt in on ’s retail deal, swipe your card, and voila! Your savings will be credited to your bank account. Another company cashing on the coupon craze is . If your bank partners with , you can view a list of offers when you log into your bank account. , on the other hand, is a similar company that provides a mobile app with a local approach. It partners with local retailers and enable customers to use their smartphones to track nearby deals. The application is not yet available for the public, but it will be released soon. All of these services come in free.

2. Weight Your Debt Options with DebtCoach, in partnership with Experian, created DebtCoach which pulls credit reports for consumers, organizes all of their debts in one place, and recommends the best option. But unlike other debt solution options, DebtCoach is free for all customers.

3. Hire a Personal Bookkeeper at
For consumers who are always on the go, Balance Financial can hand your paperwork to a pro. Depending on your requirements, the company will pair you to an online professional bookkeeper who’ll track your bills, make payments and organize your receipts, mail and budgeting. All of its basic services are charged at $40 a month.

4. Send Money with ’s Money Messenger
The next time you’ll send money, you’ll no longer need routing numbers and bank account information. All that it’ll require is your recipient’s email address and phone number. More than that, you can charge it on your credit card through PayPal’s Money Messenger. The service is free of charge and enables you to send money to people in over 60 countries.

5. Plan Your Business with Enloop
Aspiring entrepreneur? Then Enloop is for you! All you have to do is submit your concept, financial resources, and your company’s additional details, and Enloop will automatically generate a business plan for you. It will use a predictive scoring algorithm to calculate financial forecasts and measures your potential success.

6. Keep Identity Thefts at Bay with
While there plenty of identity theft protections available, they would usually alarm you whenever it’s too late. Hence, ID Analytics alerts you of identity theft in real time. And since most accounts take 24 hours to be approved, users still have ample to prevent it before hitting your credit profile. This service is tagged at $4.59 per month, or $54 annually.

7. Split the Check with Paydivvy
If you hate splitting the bill with your deadbeat roommates, then Paydivvy is for you. It enables you to create a bill or event you want people to hop in, and tells them how much they owe and when it is due. Furthermore, you can make your piece of the total payment with billpay service.

8. Pay Your Bills with
If you are in need of few more days to pay your electric bill, BillFloat can help you. The company will ask you to pay a portion of the bill, while they “float” the rest. But that is depending on your financial history.

9. Pay Your Bills with Gift Cards
Payment company, , and gift card exchange, , joined forces to allow consumers pay their online bills with unwanted gift cards. As of the moment, 31 major gift card issuing retailers enable their consumers to apply for online bill payments, while 800 companies accept gift cards as fee.

Do you know more ways on how to save money? Share it by leaving a comment.


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