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Nintendo Video for 3DS, Hitting Japan Today

Written on July 13, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Nintendo Video for 3DS is already available today. Service limited to Japanese customers only.

The Nintendo Company proudly announced that they are launching the service for today. The said launch will only be available to all customers coming from Japan. However, interested parties may view the 2D and content for free, with new videos to be added soon, through the official video site of the company.

Nintendo Video is considered to be the second 3D video service that has been available for 3DS. The first one is the that has debuted last month. Its content includes few videos produced by Fuji TV and Nippon TV. Customers from Japan can begin downloading the Nintendo Video app today. The videos that are included on the said application includes , Nintendo 3DS , and a 3D tour of Kyoto.

Though the Nintendo Video is only available in the markets of Japan, 3DS owners from other parts of the world should not worry. as they can access the content sometime in the summer season. Meanwhile, along with other brands, are also finding ways on how they can put such 3D content into a mobile gaming platform.

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