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PlayStation Vita’s Online Modes, Unveiled

Written on July 26, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe unveils the online mode features of the upcoming PlayStation Vita.

released a new information with regards to their PlayStation Vita’s . It is said that the upcoming game console will have four online modes: , , and .

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s Research and Development boss, , explained at the Develop conference in Brighton what each online mode .

Near: The Location-based Gift System

“What Near does is it allows users to discover each other, leave gifts for each other and essentially find out more about games. You can see where people are in relation to your location, their five most recently played games and also gifts that they’ve registered. This is fairly cool because it exposes users to games they might not have heard of and you can see how popular those games are and how people are rating them.”

Phil Rogers also explained the gifting system.

“Imagine user A visits locations one to ten through that day, and they get home and sync with the server and it uploads to the Near server your ten locations that you’ve been to.

“User B comes along, does the same thing, but at some point in User B’s day they passed User A’s location five, which means they’re now able to collect gifts that that user’s dropped. That comes into the Near application and then in-game they pick up those gifts.”

Party: The Group Chat Feature

“You can have different Party groups for different games or genres. Maybe you’ve got a first-person shooter group that you can all chat and go into.”

LiveArea: The Information Hub

LiveArea has three modes: Index, Live and Game. Here, players can view other gamers’ information, activities and published messages. Moreover, it can be updated by developers and publishers. However, Phil Rogers suggest to use the LiveArea mode sensibly.

Activity: The Progress Feed

In Activity, players can discuss progress by automatically posting trophies and rating in the Activity Feed.

Other than these, no further details were given as to how developers might pull all of the said features together. Furthermore, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is expected to announce PlayStation Vita’s release date in August.

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