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Rainbow Niagara Falls Photo Goes Viral, Gets 31,000+ Twitter Views

Written on July 25, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Gay couples tying their knots at the Niagara Falls were all surprised by the majestic rainbow hues which appeared on the venue.

Same-sex couples all got excited as the clock struck midnight last Sunday in , for that is the day that same-sex marriage became legal in the state.

The wedding celebrations were held at the , the traditional honeymoon spot. The said gay-couple nuptials became more remarkable with the unexpected rainbow hues that appeared at the back of the . Sources said that those elegant colors were actually a rallying banner made by the activists who were fighting for their civil rights.

The photo of the so-called rainbow Niagara Falls were tweeted by Pop singer/actor and former ‘N Sync-er . He even shared a post stating: “Niagra Falls right now! So amazing!”

The picture, which served as a symbol for the official beginning of gay marriage in New York, was then taken by Flickr user Mykelle Nicole and posted it to TwitPic so more people could have a glimpse of the memorable event.

The photo has now gone viral and surprisingly attained over 31,000 views.

(Photo courtesy of Flickr/Mykelle Nicole)

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