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Samsung Markets 3 Million Galaxy S II Phones in 55 Days

Written on July 04, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Samsung successfully sold three million Galaxy S II in just 55 days. Their plans of expanding internationally had also been disclosed.

Last Sunday, a report claimed that sold three million phones in just 55 days. That means that the company was able to sell one device every 1.5 seconds. Perhaps this is faster than the marketing of its original gadget, the Galaxy S.

According to Samsung, most of the success came from Europe, while 30-36 percent of the smartphone market was done in Austria and Switzerland. The company also became the top smarthphone producer in UK during the launching. However, most of the sales did not include the Galaxy S II. Samsung believed that it was the “dramatically increased” dual-core device, which made them notable is these countries.

Several future plans have followed this success. Samsung now aims to get a 10 million mark sooner, and their current generation devices in other locations, such as U.S. However, the plan of expanding in most states in America may become a big problem for Samsung, since ’s iPhone might hinder the of their Galaxy S II.

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