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Samsung to Run Galaxy S II 3D Ad in Apple Devices

Written on July 02, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Samsung entitles Apple iPad users to have a glance of their newest smartphone, the Galaxy S II.

, along with its agency – – will produce an which will be released before the month ends. The said is intended to be shown on the company’s top competitor, the .┬áThis first 3D presentation will feature Samsung’s newest smartphone — the Samsung . Though they had pointed out that it’s not really a high-definition preview, the company promised that the would be very interactive and might catch the attention of most Apple users.

The 3D ad, which will run in UK, will reveal the Samsung Galaxy S II in different angles by using high-end visual effects, just so people can have a glimpse of its advanced specs. The idea that Samsung will run these ads on such mobile devices produced by their rival company is truly ironic, as tech geeks all know Apple’s claims that Samsung is copying most of the features of their products.

Perhaps these 3D advertisements will not only unveil the Galaxy S II, but will also let users define the real difference between Apple’s devices and Samsung’s.

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